Jazz Then and Now – Programme 8 – Monday 3rd November 2014

Jazz Then and Now – Monday 3rd November 2014

Track Number Tune Band Album Composer
0 WilkesSignature Tune
1 Cheek To Cheek Ruby Braff and George Barnes Quartet Tribute To Fred Astaire Irving Berlin
2 Another Language Claire Teal And Grant Windsor And So It Goes Brayson/Rice
3 Motoring Along Alan Barnes/Bruce Adams Quintet Spontaneous Combustion Jimmy McGriff
4 Pixel Be Mine Ellen Andrea Wang/Pixel We Are All Small Pixels Wang
5 Tek It Easy ScatroniKs Jamaica Skalsa #1 C.L Morrison
6 Magic Radio Fanny Biriaux Blow Up My World J.Frankowski
7 Marabastad Mhepo Mapapiro Mike Mokone
8 Catch Me The Moon Babel Fish Babel Fish Mannington/Berhaha
9 Gospel Interlude Ted Beament Piano Interpretations Ted Beament
10 Up Above My Head I Hear Music Sister Rosetta Tharpe The One And Only Queen Of Hot Gospel Traditional
11 Harlequin Kathy Dyson and the LCM Band The Jazz Department Kathy Dyson
12 Oblivion Gabrielle Ducomble Notes From Paris Clerc/Piazzola
13 La Vi En Rose Tina May Tina May Sings Piaf Louiguy/Piaf/David
14 Climax Rag George Lewis Jazz At The Ohio Union Scott
15 I Know you Kaz Simmons Signs Kaz Simmons
16 The Flight Of The Foo Birds Count Basie The Complete Atomic Mr Basie Neil Hefti
17 After Hours Dizzy Gillespie/Sonny Stitt/Sonny Rollins Sonny Side Up Avery Parrish

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