Jazz Then and Now – Programme 6 – Monday 20th October 2014

Jazz Then and Now – Monday 20th October 2014

Track Number Tune Band Album Composer
1 WilkesSignature tune
2 Jazz Walk Beats and Pieces Big Ideas Ben Cottrell
3 Swing It Or Wing It Jack Honeyborne Eric Gilchrist
4 Minos Simon Purcell Red Circle Simon Purcell
5 Skylark Moonlight Saving Time Moonlight Saving Time Mercer/Carmichael
6 Its Me Zoe Gilby 12 Stories Zoe Gilby
7 Nutmeg #state ACV Busk Andy Champion
8 Cakewalking Babies Back Home Sidney Bechet Spreading Joy Smith,Troy,Williams
9 Lotus Lloyd Haines Yamaha Scholars Lloyd Haines
10 Ain’t Necessarily So Sarah Jane Weston Hey Love G and I Gershwin
11 The Metro Dave Jones Quartet Resonance Dave Jones
12 Through The Looking Glass Wheeler/Winstone/London Vocal Project Mirrors Kenny Wheeler
13 Future 100 Mopo Beibe
14 Sweet Hearts On Parade Louis Armstrong Heebie Jeebies Newman, Lombardo
15 Maryland Believe Marie Kannegard TBA Marie Kannegard
16 What A Little Moonlight Can Do The Hot Sardines The Hot Sardines
17 He Knows How Much You Can Bear Terrell Stafford New Beginnings Pamela Baskin-Watson


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