Jazz Then and Now – Programme 283 – Monday 8th June 2020

Jazz Then and Now – Monday 8th June 2020

Track Number Tune Band Album Composer
0 Intro




Chris Hodgkins Quartet Boswell’s London Journal Chris Hodgkins/Eddie Harvey
1 Train Suite 2 East Midlands Jazz Orchestra East Midlands Jazz Orchestra Jon Eno
2 If I Knew Then Luca Manning When The Sun Comes Out Jurgens/Howard/


3 Afronaut Seed Ensemble Drift Glass Cassie Kinoshi
4 Wild Oak National Youth Jazz Orchestra National Youth Jazz Orchestra Nikki Illes
5 A Pat On The Back Stan Sulzman Organ Quartet Shadow Painting Stan Sulzman
6 If You Go Away Liane Carroll The Right To Love Jacques Brell/Rod Mckuen
7 Barbara Yazz Ahmed Polyhymnia Yazz Ahmed
8 Half Blue Sarah Tandy London on Key Sarah Tandy