Jazz Then And Now – Programme 240 – Monday 12th August 2019

Jazz Then And Now –  Monday 12th August 2019

Track Number Tune Band Album Composer
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Chris Hodgkins Quartet Boswell’s London Journal Chris Hodgkins/Eddie Harvey
1 Cherokee Clifford Brown Study In Brown Ray Noble
2 Haven’t We Met Wendy Kirkland The Music’s On Me Rankin/Batchelor
3 Afronaut Seed Ensemble Drift Glass Cassie Kinoshi
4 Old Fashioned Love Albert Nicholson Albert Nicholson In Europe Duke Ellington
5 Betsie Jane Rafe’s Dilemma Rafe’s Dilemma Nel Begley /Jamil Sheriff/ Sam Vicary/ Katie Patterson
6 Black and Tan Fantasy Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington Duke Ellington
7 Pulse Zhenya Strigalev Change Zhenya Strigalev
8 Do You Know The Way Quentin Collins Road Warrior Quentin Collins
9 Road Song Claire Martin and Jim Mullen Bumpin’ Wes Montgomery
10 Hiding Jekyll Tori Freestone El Mar de Nubes Tori Freestone