Jazz Then and Now – Programme 26 – Monday 27th April 2015

Jazz Then and Now – Monday 27th April 2015

Track Number Tune Band Album Composer
0 Wilkes Chris Hodgkins Quartet Boswell’s London Journal Chris Hodgkins/Eddie Harvey
1 Yesterdays Leonora Raphael Live Invitation Jerome Kern
2 Clash of the Clans Partikel String Theory Duncan Eagles
3 Movin’ Days Like This Days Like This – Vibeke Siljan Gregory Porter
4 Exploration Part I Entropi New Era Dee Byrne
5 Mishra Jathi Ant Law Zero Sum World Ant Law
6 Guernica John Wilkinson Encore! Pour Django John Wilkinson
7 I’ll Have a Big L-steak and a Gin Tonic to Go with the Whaleboat Part II Trondheim Jazz Orchestra & Erlend Skomsvoll What If? A Counterfactual Fairytale Erlend Skomsvoll
8 Muddy Water Gill Cook Something Cool Trent/Derose/Richman
9 The Midgets  The Joe Newman Septet The Midgets Joe Newman
10 A Very Blustery Day Nick Malcom Quartet plus Corey Mwamba Beyond These Voices Nick Malcom
11 I Mean You Bobby Wellins; Stan Tracey Tracey and Wellins Play Monk Monk
12 Enlightenment-Sacred-Kings Rowland Sutherland Union Chapel. – live performance Rowland Sutherland

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