Jazz Then And Now – Programme 193 – Monday 17th September 2018

Jazz Then And Now  – Monday 17th September 2018

Track Number Tune Band Album Composer
0 Intro




Chris Hodgkins Quartet Boswell’s London Journal Chris Hodgkins/Eddie Harvey
1 One For Bud Georgia Mancio /Alan Broadbent Song Book Georgia Mancio /Alan Broadbent
2 Half Blue Sarah Tandy London on Key Sarah Tandy
3 Pinkham V Shirley Tetteh Nerija EP Shirley Tetteh
4 Second Thoughts Phil Robson The Cut Off Point Phil Robson
5 Lush Life Nikki Iles Lush Life Billy Strayhorn
6 Trunk Call ARQ Alison Rayner Quartet A Magic Life Alison Rayner
7 Snakebite With Bacchus Arun Ghosh But where are you really from Arun Ghosh
8 Slippers 15s 8d Deirdre Cartwright Tune Up Turn on Stretch Out Deirdre Cartwright
9 Jazz Walk Beats and Pieces Ten Ben Cottrell
10 Vigil Denys Baptiste The Late Trane John Coltrane